On your card deck you will find thirteen cards which are to be dropped in alternation on the game grid. The four numbers ranging from 1 to 10 represent the natural strength of a card's edge — though the highest attainable value is «A», which can be achieved by playing neatly.


In order to conquer the computer player’s cards the strength of one or more of your dropped card’s edges should be higher than the corresponding value of the computer player’s card edges. This is by all means the basic way to conquer cards. The better your draw, the higher the combo-level will rise. Normally, your dropped card can only conquer direct neighbor cards, but with a high combo-level, even newly-conquered cards are able to perform a further attack — with a maximized combo-level it is even possible to conquer the whole game grid within one draw. Make an effort and find out yourself!

Elements, Fusion and further rules

In the middle of each card you can see a sphere illustrated by the fundamental colors red, blue and green. Cards dropped to each other diagonally are connected by one of the four element streams — are all of them identical, the card’s element will fusion to the mixed color and the values of all card’s edges will rise. Needless to say that «Fusion» will also boost your combo-level.

Another means to conquer cards is to utilize «Identity» and «Summation». These rules correspond to Triple Triad’s «Same» and «Plus» and come into effect when card’s edges are the same or share the same sum.


Comprehensive Guide

A comprehensive Guide written in English and German can be downloaded as a PDF file.

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